Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Making Playdough

We have been learning about Volume and Capacity as part of the Mathematics Strand Measurement. Our learning objective was to accurately measure volume using standard kitchen measuring cups so we decided to make play dough.
Here is the recipe written out by Yashwitha.
Some of the things we learnt were:
You have to put the ingredients in all the way up to the line.
You have to count the number of cups carefully.
You have to put ingredients in the bowl in the right order.
You need to be careful of the hot ingredients.
Play dough is fun to play with!


  1. Morena Ruma Rima,
    I LOVE playing with playdough and I really like making it too, I like it best when it's still warm. You are right, it is very important to follow the measurements to get the right consistency - dry or sticky dough is not good! I used to work in a Kindergarten and we made playdough every week, I sometimes make it at home now for my nieces to play with in the holidays. Have you ever used playdough to create animations?

  2. Hi my name is Abbie I love the way youse made play dough it is so call how youse down that play dough.:)

  3. hi my name is Abbie-lee I love the play dough it is good to no how to make it.

  4. Aloha my name Lockie.
    I really like the way all your children made play dough but they made their own instructions by scratch.
    How did the play dough came out in the end?
    Again I really like what you done.
    By :)

  5. hi i am Luseane and my lil bro is in this class i really like your work yaswitha i really love your work and you did it by scratch i agree with lockie but how did it come out was it soft had doughy plz tell me i am really desparate but i really love your work



  6. hi my name is jai i really like how you write down the instructions. so people know how to make it to. i wish that we can do it i would JUST DO IT!!!!!!!